A quaint little pitch-roofed house stands in the middle of a big lush garden. Large walnut and maple trees, bushes of all kind and spacious areas of lawn turn the property into a green oasis from mid spring to late fall. The yellow painted facade of the house is overgrown by vine, camouflaging it into the surrounding. In some areas the plants around the perimeter open up, giving glimpses of the nearby lake. Around the house one can find another seating area in every corner as the owners treasure the time they spend outside, enjoying their garden from every angle.
These owners and inhabitants are a retired couple with five kids. All kids are grown up, have their own family with their own offspring and live all over the world.
In the summer months, however, they all like to return to their parent’s house to spend weeks enjoying the location. Now that the family has grown so much the little house cannot accommodate all the visitors comfortably. Arising from this shortage formed the wish to turn the old carport into a summer house.

Basis for this project’s concept is the traditional round garden house that is typical in many residential properties in Austria. The rotunda becomes the center of the house that acts as entrance, circulation, kitchen and dining.
Keeping the longitudinal footprint of the current carport the rotunda is encapsulated by a traditional pitch-roof form opening up on the ground floor for an outdoor patio, as well on the upper floor giving free range to the view of the lake. The enlcosed garage is kept at the same location. To blend into the overall atmosphere of the property the house is surrounded by a lattice structure that enables plants to grow freely without damaging facade plaster or roof structure.