Tangled Bricks

Studio Project, SCI-Arc 2013

Instructor: Andrew Zago

Starting point for this project was an exploration of contortionist‘s poses applied to letters of the alphabet. The logic of these poses in relation to the human body was translated to the letter‘s body.

With the background of achieving an „awkward“ aesthetic several studies led to the development of a certain set of techniques that were applied to different letters to create a suite of five family houses.

Areas of exploration focused on material reaction in areas close to the joints after bending. For the human body typical is a compression and streching of the skin. Assuming that letters are more rigid deformation in that sense was not an option, leading to the decision of minimal increase of surface area. After bending and changes of direction the opened up space is not closed by bridging. This creates a fragmentation of the form.

With this technique a cartoonish character is achieved that is underlined by the surface treatment with bricks. This additionally provides a system for appertures throughout the buildings.